Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Update

Schatzi was still vomiting from the morphine, she tolerates Metacam well, so they are going to switch. She ate some soft food this morning & kept it down.
What I didn't know was that she lost use of her right hind leg as well, before going into surgery. She still is knuckling on both back legs, but they hope once her catheter is out she will be more comfortable and attempt to stand again.
She is voiding and her bowels work, but the road back is going to be long.

If all goes well, she may be discharged late tomorrow. We are so ready to have her home!


Ruby said...

Poor girl. I hope she will be home tomorrow. She seems to be a little fighter. Full of the doxie spirit.
Take care & keep us updated.
Ruby & Joyelle

Raising Addie said...

She is a very tuff Doxie.

We know she will pull through this.

Take care!

ihearthounds said...

I just wanted to send a note of support and encouragement. I've been through this with Greta, my senior red smoothie, and it can be grueling for dog and human alike. Take heart, though, by knowing that others have been down this road and that you are not alone. You are welcome to visit my blog:
for a chronicle of Greta's surgery and rehab (It's listed under the tag "Diary Of A Dachshund Back Injury"). Hang in there...

Your Friends,

The Rebound Hounds

happy said...

Get well soon, Schatzi. Glad to hear you're going home tomorrow.