Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recuperation is Going Well

Schatzi has been recuperting very well at home. For the next 8 weeks, she will be restricted to her crate - we chose to use a larger wire crate, where her soft wooly pads and blankies can comfort her & her water dish can be clipped to the inside.

She is eating and able to take a few wobbly steps on bathroom breaks. Time is going to take care of the rest & we are fully confident she will walk strong again.

Oskar is still under the weather, unable to keep his supper down last night & un-interested in his b'fast this morning. Will offer him hamburg & rice again today, if he accepts & tolerates it; then hopefully he will be over worst of this bout. Xena has recovered fully-back to her normal self!


MsDaisymae said...

I know Schatzi will heal quickly now that she's home, glad she's doing so well. We got a large wire crate for Sam's recovery too, so that he could look around and didn't feel so confined.
Hugs to Schatzi, and hope that Oskar is feeling better soon.

Raising Addie said...

Glad to hear that everyone is slowly getting better!

Just keep hanging in there friends!


Ruby said...

I think the wire crate is a good idea. If Schatzi can't be part of the action, at least she can see it. Does crate rest, mean no cuddling or lap sitting for 8 weeks?
Ruby has the same symptoms as Oskar. Vet thinks it's from the anethetic. Hope he's better soon.
Ruby & Joyelle

Three Dogs Long said...

Nawww, there's a whole lot of cuddling going on!