Saturday, November 8, 2008

Schatzi & Her New Crate

Schatzi had a bit of a rough night, for some reason her temp dropped. They wrapped her in heated blankets and she is resting on a heated pad, as well. Thankfully her temp has stabilized. They suspect the pain medication is making her vomit, so they have given her something to calm her tummy & will cut back on the doseage from every four hours to every six. Hopefully, she will be stable enough to move from the ICU to the ward tomorrow.

On a bright note she stood today!!! (inject happy dance!!) She is peeing on her own!! (sung to the tune of "Flying on my Own!".) Both very positive signs.

Friends dropped by this morning & brought this amazing canvass crate! Schatzi's new recuperative digs!! Much more welcoming that a wire crate! She is going to be so comfy while she gets better!


Raising Addie said...

I'm sorry to hear that she had a rough night.

She seems to be one tough Doxie.

A little sickness is not going to hold her back.

Cool new crate.


PamK said...

Sending more healing thoughts and prayers for Schatzie - so happy to read that she is standing.