Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Xena Goes to the Groomer

It was time for Xena's 6 week appointment for a clipping and pedicure! Here she is - wrapped up & ready to go!

Limosine service!

A quick 15 minute trip and we arrive!

Diana is there to welcome us!

Just a little off the top, please!

My new found cocker spaniel friend, Jake!

All finished & looking so pretty!


Maddoxies said...

Xenia is all set now for Santa Paws, clean toofies, all bathed and trimmed, she is ready for the holidays, what a pretty girl Xenia. And such a good girl too, keeping Schatzi company during the day.

Ruby said...

Xena looks adorable. All ready for her Christmas pictures. I'm glad she's keeping Schatzi company during the day. Our ramp is finally built & I'm going up & down like a little trooper.
Love Ruby