Monday, December 22, 2008


Major Snow Storm here today! Winds are gusting to 100 km/hr. The Confederation Bridge is restricting high sided vehicles! 4,000 people without electricty & work is cancelled!

Provincial Snow Plows are out! Other parts of the province are worse hit than us - some places have 30 cm down - with major white-outs!

Oskar & Schatzi are snuggled inside, safe and warm! Xena is under a blankie somewhere!

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Maddoxies said...

That looks a lot like it did here on Friday. Stay snuggled up and safe.

I have aches and pains from using the snowblower, I can't imagine what I would feel like if I had to shovel everything. Keeping a doggie path clear is tough enough. There is more than 3 feet of snow in our doggie run.

Pogo hates the cold, but has started eating snow. The little devil tries to hide snow in his mouth and sneak it inside. Valentin is just dashing out to do the bare necessities and back in he comes.

Hope you don't lose power, take care