Sunday, August 3, 2008

In Loving Memory of "Murray"

It has been nearly a year since Murray was struck and killed instantly. Allow me a few moments to share with you his story.

Murray was dropped off at the SPCA here - the owner claimed he was a "stray" that she had been feeding for a few months (yah - a 40 lb. stray). After consultation with the SPCA Manager and shelter Director, I convinced them to allow him to be surrendered into rescue, where we would see would become healthy and be placed in a wonderful new home.

Since he was a "stray"-no one knew his "real" name. On my first visit to the shelter to see him, I dubbed him "Murray" (since the lady who brought him to the shelter was from a place called Murray Harbour).

I took Murray home, with doubts in my heart- how would I ever get him strong & healthy enough to adopt. He was extremely overweight and lethargic. But, it was Murray who proved to be the strong one. First order of business, was a trip to the veterinarian (poor Murray, his mouth stunk so bad, we had to drive with the windows down). He immediately was put on antibiotics (the vet wouldn't touch his mouth until he had 48 hours of medication in his system) thyroid tested - which rendered that his thryoid was barely functioning. I remember DH carrying Murray outside to pee - Murray could hardly walk - I sat on our steps and cried.

But within a couple of days, Murray was lumbering around the house, then around the back lawn with us. He was so obese, he couldn't lay down without having a throw or blanket rolled under his head to balance him!

After his dental (he lost 6 teeth) & the thyroid medication started to work -there was no stopping this boy. We massaged lotion on his body & feet (his paws were cracked & bleeding) then we used baby socks & rubber bands to hold them on, to help them heal. He loved his walks although there was no such thing as "walking" - Murray ran every where he went!!

Murray stayed with us for nearly 4 months - then he went to the most loving, wonderful family. I drove Murray to meet his adoptive Mom & Dad - it was one of the most difficult days. But to see the look on their faces - it was instant love-I knew Murray was truly home. I got in my car - took one last look in my rearview mirror- and cried all the way back to work. It was so hard to say good-bye.

Murray thrived with his new family & there is not a shred of regret in placing him with them - they adored him & were devestated by his loss. Unfortunately, visiting company inadvertently let him out and he was struck by a passing vehicle.

Murray will always hold a special place in my heart - and know you are now truly.........home.

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