Saturday, August 30, 2008

There's A New Kid in Town!

And his name is Micky! Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of him, as of yet but hope to have a couple later in the week.

A couple of weeks ago, while out on poop-patrol, before bed, we noticed that Madeline (a lovely woman in our neighbourhood) was walking with only one of her dogs. Of course, I had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, so we stopped to chat and inquire about the absent dog. Seems her little one succombed to congestive heart failure. As tears welled up in Madeline's eyes she told us to "love our little ones as much as we can, because you just never know when something is going to happen." And how much they are like family to us. We offered our deepest sympathy, it is such a difficult time for anyone who has lost a companion.

So, imagine my surprise, when again, on poop patrol - we meet Madeline, not only with Corky, her yapping Pom but a little long legged black something or other at the end of a leash! Upon further investigation, Madeline shared how this little mixture of questionable origin was given to her by some women claiming to have "found" him days before & could not locate his owners.

Madeline quickly realized this poor pup was horribly underweight, filthy, and severely matted - whoever he belonged to - he was terribly neglected! So, she took him under her wing & named him "Micky". His vet appointment was yesterday - seems he is a mere 8-9 moths old - and severely malnourished! Yet loving and warms up to anyone in a hearbeat!

I spoke to a friend of Madeline's this morning (Madeline & Mickey are away for a few days - a trip planned before his arrival) & she reported that Micky is doing wonderful, however needs to gain weight & get stronger before his neutering. We have a gift bag of goodies ready to deliver to Micky - a soft doggie blanket, tug & squeaky toys and a bag of treats - a welcome to the Neighbourhood from the Wieners!

I am one of those people who believes that things happen for a reason - and Micky came into Madeline's life, when she needed him most. Seems they needed each other.

We'll be seeing you out and about, Mickey! Welcome home!

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