Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh Yes, It's Tubby Time!

With the never ending and on-going rain we've been subjected to and the quagmire of mud in the back yard from the installation of the pool - it was only a matter of time until the dreaded ritual of bathing was required!

As you can see - a couple of "happy campers" Not! Does anyone have a dachshund that actually likes the water? Or do they treat it like you've dipped them in liquid nitrogen!

Schatzi is more interested in the bath sponge on the floor!

Poor Xena - this is her impersonation of a drowned rat!

This is the heat vent they concregate by - little do they know - there is no heat on - it's summer! They seem to be saying, "thank dawg that ritual is over!"


Frankie's Mom said...

Frankie, my dachshund loves water! She does not get in water often now that she is paralyzed. But when we had our chocolate lab and we took her swimming to the lake, Frankie would whine to go in to. I was nervous she might drown, so I tied a long leash to her so she could swim out into the water.. problem was her long chubby (chubby at the time) body prevented her from turning around. When she tried, she would turn upside down. Was historical to see!
Mom & Author to Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Joey and Maggie said...

Those pictures are hilarious!!