Sunday, August 31, 2008

Road Trip!!!!

We hitched up the weenies & headed out on a road trip this morning!

First stop

Xena - checking out a local grasshopper!

A view of the Charlottetown harbour, as seen from Ellen's Creek!

A rowboat sitting idle!

Kritters took a few minutes to stop and enjoy the trail.

We dropped into the local market - yum, fresh corn!

We continued on into the heart of the city - a huge cruise ship had just arrived on the waterfron and there were hundreds of passengers milling about! Some were taking tours on the double decker buses, others chose rides in the horse drawn wagons.

You never know who you are going to run into! It's Ann of Green Gables!

One of the double decker buses!

This is a huge spud located outside Founders Hall - it's made of sand!

The cruise ship had just come in with the tide!

The longest wiener ramp ever!!

A great lobster market and restaurant!

A pretty flower garden we passed on our walk back to the truck.

Xena was tired from being out and about socializing with everyone!

It was a great outing, unfortunately the sunny weather only lasted a few hours - thundershowers moved in - so it was time to head for home (and a great afternoon for a much needed nap!)

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