Sunday, August 3, 2008

What to Feed Your Dachshund and How Much?

I receive a lot of inquiries on what to feed dachshunds. As a rule of thumb, higher priced dog food is so for a good reason. These foods usually contain no fillers and are balanced nutritionally They provide specific diets for overweight and senior or dogs as well.

If you have purchased your dachshund from a breeder, ask the breeder what they are currently feeding so you continue with the same food. Suddenly switching foods can cause an upset stomach.

While it's unusual to feed your dog the same food it's whole life,it's personal preference. If you do need to change, slowly blend in the new food over a few days until the old one is completely replaced.

Extreme care should be taken to avoid letting your dachshund get overweight.(can't stress this enough!). Weight problems can and likely will affect your dachshund's back. Controlling your dog's weight should be a combination of regular exercise and food. People tend to think dachshunds are "lap" dogs. And while that may be true, they require daily exercise (and not just running around in a fenced yard). Daily walks during seasonal weather are a must to keep them happy and healthy.

I feed my dachshunds twice daily, with snacks at noon and before bedtime. And I feed them the same time each day. I have read it is supposed to be "practical" to feed them at the same time we eat, supposedly to minimize begging. (Good luck with that! - ha-ha! These are dachshunds-begging is second nature!). Of course, water should always available.

Veterinarians recommend use of either stainless steel or glass bowls to minimize the risk of infection caused by germs in the dog's dish. Bowls could be placed in the dishwasher to ensure they remain clean and sterile. Each dog should have his/her own bowl, as well (for those of us with multiple dogs). That way, we can ensure each dog receives proper and balanced meals.

How much to Feed?

Each dog is unique, but I feed 1/4 C twice daily (along with snacks). (they weigh between 12-14 lbs). You should consult your Veterinarian to find out how much to feed if you have any questions or concerns.

Some dachshund owners have great success with feeding RAW. But that is a whole nuther topic and one that I am not particularly versed in. My vet is strongly opposed to feeding RAW, but I tend to adopt the adage, "if it ain't broke - don't fix it! My dogs are well fed, healthy and content.



Anonymous said...

This was helpful but I wanted to know more about how much to feed my dachshund. Thank you.

stevenlee said...

1/4 cup twice a day

DJ's Blog said...

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9 in 1 and Rabies I was able to purchase a wormer but had to worm her 4 weeks in a row. I took her to be vetted for age and general checkup. The one thing I learned is when you give anything to your Doxi to eat, expect them to hide it for later use. You wouldn't believe how domestic my female Doxi is. If I rearranged her bed toys, OMG she will spend an hour putting things exactly in the same order every time. My Miniature Doxi is HAPPY and very much LOVED. A great toy to make for them... I took manageable pieces of PVC Pipe the dog can crawl through. I made a maze of 45° angles, left turns and right and ups and owns. As I put it together, I did NOT use PVC glue or any glue. Just dryfitted together. As I put it together I taped pieces of sandpaper along the route. It's on my 28' x 7' balcony. She loves it. Before her rescue she was in a pet taxi for 23 1/2 hours a day. Happy Dog