Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some Happy Wieners!

Now this is how it should be! Dogs chew bones, right? Well, they do if your Momma isn't obsessed with choking! But since I am obsessive about it, my dogs have had to suffer the indignance of chewing Nylabones - until today!

I swung by Global Pet Foods, (my favourite pet supply store) and spoke in length with Maria (who not only is knowledgeable - but is owned by a dachshund!). After much discussion about the benefits and safety of chewing, I purchased three roasted tartar buster bones . I was very popular when I got home!

I can happily report they were in chewing heaven! And I am not quite so anal about anyone choking.

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Ben said...

The choking issue terrifies me! Especially after seeing first-hand how quickly Calvin will decide to swallow whatever he's chewing on so I don't take it away from him...I'll have to pop by my local Global (great shop!) and check those out.